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Welcome to Fulton Drugs Inc

Fulton Drugs is the premier Brooklyn pharmacy. Located near the Social Security office, around the corner from Interfaith Medical, getting Brooklyn medication has never been easier or more convenient. We offer free local pickup and delivery services and we accept all insurances.

We're excited to offer our customers personalized service; of all the pharmacies in Brooklyn, we want to not only be the most convenient for you, we want to be your preferred Brooklyn pharmacy.

Fulton Drugs is a full-service Brooklyn pharmacy; when your doctor prescribes something, you can be confident that we will fulfill your Brooklyn medication needs promptly, with friendly and knowledgeable service. Other pharmacies in Brooklyn can't compare to us – we are your Brooklyn pharmacy.

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    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We're around the corner from Interfaith Medical near the Social Security office.
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